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Cities and Pick Up Days


CityDay of Week
Alamo Wednesday
Ambrose Wednesday
Anamoose Wednesday
Balta Friday
Benedict Monday
Berthold Friday


Bowbells Tuesday
Burlington Wednesday
Butte Wednesday
Cando Monday


Coleharbor  Thursday
Columbus  Friday
Crosby Thursday
Deering Thursday
Des Lacs Wednesday
Donnybrook Wednesday
Douglas Wednesday
Drake Friday
Epping Tuesday
Flaxton Tuesday
Fortuna Wednesday
Glenburn Thursday
Grano Tuesday
Granville Monday
Grenora Wednesday
Karlsruhe Thursday
Kenmare Thursday
Kief Wednesday
Knox Friday
Kramer Tuesday
Lansford Tuesday
Lignite Tuesday
Makoti Wednesday
Martin Wednesday
Max Wednesday
Maxbass Tuesday
Mohall Thursday
Noonan Tuesday
Palermo Friday
Parshall Monday
Pick City Wednesday
Plaza Thursday
Portal Tuesday
Powers Lake Friday
Ray Tuesday
Riverdale Wednesday
Ross Friday
Rugby Tuesday and Wednesday
Ruso Monday
Ryder Wednesday
Sawyer Thursday
Sherwood Thursday
Stanley Tuesday and Thursday 
Stanton Tuesday
Surrey Monday
Tioga Monday and Wednesday 
Tolley Wednesday
Underwood Thursday
Upham Tuesday
Velva Tuesday
Washburn Tuesday
White Earth Friday
Wildrose Wednesay
Wilton Friday



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Please note: In the event that Circle Sanitation is closed for a holiday, services will be pushed back one day.